Keyboard Driver for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Window 10...

Lets assume that you have a MS Windows installed on your computer and you would like to type in a language other than English. KDWin (Keyboard Driver for Windows), can assist you to achieve this. Using KDWin allows you to type in Armenian, Russian, English, French, Italian, German and a number of other languages. KDWin contains a text-conversion program, Text Convert; which allows you to work with the most common text - file formats ( OEM, ANSI, and UNICODE ) and a number of TrueType fonts (ANSI & UNICODE).KDWin supports Win32 and x64 Windows.

KDWin Keyboard

Multilingual Dictionary for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, ...

When working in the Microsoft Window environment, it is possible to translate words from one language to another without referring to complicated dictionaries. WinDict will help you look up words instantaneously and with ease. You can translate any world on the screen by double-clicking the left button on your mouse. The package includes: English-Armenian, Armenian-English, English-Russian, Russian-English, Armenian-Russian, and Russian-Armenian dictionaries. WinDict contains a word-ending analysis algorithm. If a specific word-form isn’t in the dictionary, then you will get the translation of its original form. For example: using (use), windows (window), easier (easy) ... and so on.

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